Agriculture Equipment Hsn Code Gst Rate + Buy

Agriculture Equipment Hsn Code Gst Rate + Buy

There are a good few countries that have applied the goods and services tax(GST) on various products including several agricultural types of equipment with quite a costly rate which will be described later on according to Harmonized System of Nomenclature(HSN) code, but India has been making headlines since its controversial appearance in the club because of its massive population and high consumption, many believed that it was wrong for India to bring GST into effect but the current government had taken its decision

Therefore, it is important for everyone in this business to learn about the GST rate on various agriculture equipment

 Agriculture Equipment Hsn Code Gst Rate + Buy

Gst rate for different agriculture equipment with the HSN codes 8432, 843210, 84321010, 84321020, 84321090, 84323000, 84323100, 84324000, 84324100, 84324200, 843280, 84328010, 84328020, 84328090, 843290, 84329010 and 84329090 is 12 percent, please note that this rate is in accordance with latest official GST rate announced by the Indian government

It should be mentioned that countries like France, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Japan, China, Malaysia and Indonesia have also applied goods and services tax

What worries us as traders is the disturbance this tax has caused in the business which has resulted in demotivating customers to modernize their agronomy, we hope this issue is resolved soon and the governments come up with a solution to this situation

Shovel Gst Rate

The shovel is one of the most elementary, uncomplicated, and user-friendly tools in the agriculture world, and considering that it is one of the earliest gadgets too, the GST rate for shovels is nil rate

It is already a well-known fact that shovels are not limitedly used in the agriculture field, they are widely used throughout our lives, whether it is in your home or when you are outside on a picnic, you will notice that shovels come in handy everywhere and we think that’s the reason behind the GST rate of this equipment being nil

 Agriculture Equipment Hsn Code Gst Rate + Buy

Another reason that might have urged the governments to decide on a nil rate for this equipment could be that this tool is operated manually and is one of the most essential pieces of equipment, what has pushed us to draw this conclusion is that the other products with nil GST rates have the same specifications, they are either manually operated or animal driven and along with that, we should all observe the fact that without this equipment there would be no agriculture possible so it has to be tax-free for the farmers to thrive, although, the farming machinery having high taxes has created obstacles in the growth of the people in this industry

Gst on Agricultural Products

As we discussed before there are many countries who have applied GST but a few of them have brought them into action for agricultural products and again India is surprisingly on top, briefings of the data we are going to mention afterward will be provided to you in a pdf format through our experts

Continuing our talks about agricultural products and not agricultural equipment this time, it is common knowledge that the taxes on agricultural products go through special terms and regulations, while the governments claim that these rules are laid down in favor of the farmers, statistics and data tell us a different story, let us take the Indian government strategies and imposed rules as a proof, the Indian government imposed GST on essential agricultural products like milk, flour, and grain for allowing farmers to sell their products with better prices but we witnessed a painful increase in the farmers’ suicides rates, not their incomes

 Agriculture Equipment Hsn Code Gst Rate + Buy

We really don’t want to get so much into numbers, there are many resources to them which are easily accessible, what we really want to bring to your mind is the fact that taxes are not in favor of anyone, and neither are you as a businessman nor your customers because let’s be straight, there is no future for anyone without farmers

We raise our voice against this cruel policy being enforced in different parts of the world and our last words for the cruel governments, let yourself and others breathe

Gst Rate on Agriculture Tractor

Taking the high demand for agriculture tractors into the notice, it is appropriate to discuss its GST rate in a more specific way

The gst numbers for tractors and their spare parts might shock you since they are extremely high, and yet again governments have misused the large requests for these products which results in farmers remaining unsatisfied, unfortunately

The gst rates for tractors with the HSN code 8701 are 12 percent

The GST rates for tractors (road tractors more than 1800 cc capacity) with the hsn code 8701 are 28 percent

The GST rates for tractors (pedestrian-controlled tractors) with the HSN code 87011000 are 28 percent

Moving on more quickly, the gst rates for the products with the following Hsn code and description is 28 percent: 870120 road tractors for semi-trailers 8 870130 track-laying tractors 7012090 road tractors for semi-trailers other 87013019 track-laying tractors garden tractors: Other 87013099 tractors other 870190   other 87019090 other and the gst rates for the products with the following Hsn code and description is 12 percent: 87012010 road tractors for semi-trailers of engine capacity not exceeding 1,800 CC 87013011 garden tractors of engine capacity not exceeding 1,800 CC 87013091 other: Of engine capacity not exceeding 1,800 CC 87019010 other: Of engine capacity not exceeding 1,800 CC

 Agriculture Equipment Hsn Code Gst Rate + Buy

These were the full details on the GST rates for tractors, it is important to mention that GST rates also apply to the importation of agricultural equipment which is harmful to us as traders and more importantly farmers who play a significant and precious role in our existence

Goods and services tax has played a horrific part, especially in India for farmers, speaking evidently, it is appalling to see one of the best agriculture in the world drown in the sea of cruel taxes and immoral policies

Along these lines, we would like to once again, emphasize on everyone appreciates farmers and understands that these are the people who feed the world

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