Agriculture Machinery Manufacturing Industry Sales Statistics

Agriculture Machinery Manufacturing Industry Sales Statistics

Keeping the increasing demand of agriculture machinery in view, the sales statistics are increasing as presumed and needless to say is that to fulfill these demands, the manufacturing industry had to boost its production, and we all can see that the market is witnessing larger demands hence the manufacturers have much busier days ahead of themselves which could make them more reputable and wealthy or it could also come with some negative effects, if the case is not handled by them expertly
Manufacturing industry leaders like Deere & Co
(united states), Kubota Corp
(Japan), CNH Industrial NV(Netherlands /united kingdom), AGCO(united states) and Claas(Germany) have acquired a magnificent amount of 78 million dollars in the year 2021 alone while the agriculture machinery requirements are seeing a hike, these big distinguished leaders in the agriculture machinery have seen a decline in their revenue because of the presence of massive competitors like Changzhou Dongfeng Agricultural Machinery Group Co
, Ltd
, Lovol Heavy Industry Co
, Ltd
, Changfa Agricultural Equipment Co
, Ltd, YTO Group Corporation, SDF Group, Shandong Changlin Group and… We do not know how many new competitors are planning to emerge in order to appear as candidates for leading this promising industry
Henceforth, it is essential to note that this industry has a brighter future than anyone might think by the virtue of the position it holds in our everyday life and more importantly the effect it has on our lives in the interest of which a moral responsibility is brough for everyone in this industry which we discussed in our previous article

 Agriculture Machinery Manufacturing Industry Sales Statistics

Agricultural Machinery Market

Having said that the market for the agricultural machinery is witnessing a boost because of the increasing demand and the importance of agriculture being realized day after day which resulted in many new manufacturers to emerge causing a decline in the revenue of various popular companies which eventually proves the growth of this market
Another aspect to this discussion is the different zones that have started to understand that it is important to be equipped with the advanced equipment and technologies for their agricultural industry to flourish
African countries like Ghana, South Africa, Nigeria and Tanzania have considered a big amount of their budget for their agricultural sector to support its modernization resulting in these countries to be the most favorable destinations for agriculture machinery and more importantly a powerful target considering their immense potentials as a market
There are also a number of countries which allow us to think about them because they may become a target market for the world taking their conceivable chance of having a huge capacity for the agricultural machinery market
Moving on with an interesting fact that might surprise you, let us begin with a question, who was importing the agricultural machinery before these countries realizing that they need to modernize their agriculture? Was the market down? Has the agricultural machinery industry become a profitable industry lately?

 Agriculture Machinery Manufacturing Industry Sales Statistics

The answer is NO! The agricultural industry is one of the earliest, most popular industries we know up to date so the question of how this market was standing strong in the years in which other countries didn’t have a high demand can be looked at from two different angles:

The industry wasn’t much advanced in the past years so different countries throughout the world could handle their requirements and didn’t need to thin about the importation of equipment to run their agricultural cycle

There are always some countries who are constantly seeking evolution and modern technologies for enabling themselves to develop on higher scales which clearly shows that the market keeps breathing because countries who manufacture first, develop first and then expand this development

On that account, we would like to mention a few countries that have been the primary importers for agricultural equipment, the first countries to appear for doing so are United States, Germany, Russia, Canada and France
Now, that would be quite shocking if you mistake the market analysis with development factors

Agricultural Machinery Industry Statistics

We have already spoken about the manufacturing industry statistics of agricultural machinery, but at the moment we want to analyze the whole industry with a wider sight
There’s a unique element that can’t be overlooked when in this industry is that its raw materials are often imported by manufacturing companies which causes the rates to fluctuate a bit more repeatedly than other industries
So, let’s get on with the numbers, the global agricultural machinery industry value is around 28 billion euros with the European Union being the top contributor by having 28 percent of the global share to its name
The top contenders from the European Union according to the VDMA are Germany (27 percent), Italy (17 percent) and France (14 percent)
The European Union has covered a whooping amount of 187000 pieces of tractors valuing 9
4 billion euros, the main tractor manufacturing point outside the European Union is Minsk Tractor Works in Belarus which has a high influence on the neighboring markets specially commonwealth nations

 Agriculture Machinery Manufacturing Industry Sales Statistics

The leading European countries in manufacturing tractors are Germany and Italy, Germany is also the main force for producing harvesting equipment, sprayers, fertility and planting tools
Over one third of the items manufactured in the European Union are exported to outside the Union, mostly to western Europe and northern America, it is worth to note that the European Union is also entering the Asian market progressively

Agricultural Equipment Industry Outlook

To sum the article up under this heading because it is directly associated with the previous topics argued, what we have seen as an outlook for agricultural equipment industry that it is one of the most remarkable industries in the world with a huge appeal, the world has claimed to be a cruel place and agriculture is making this cruelty fade away in many forms
What we want to express as an outlook for this industry is not some numbers that are simply a few clicks away however we want to bring this notion to your mind that this commercial enterprise encourages many people to live better lives, have a broader sight along with a peaceful mind and promoting a method that boosts these fundamental principles is a meaningful responsibility we bear towards this universe, so we felt a need to bring this vital subject to your notice and we will continue to do so no matter whether it is through our articles or the way we trade

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