Buy and price drip and sprinkler irrigation

Buy and price drip and sprinkler irrigation

Nowadays, there are many modern and novel systems of irrigation used in farming and gardening like drip and sprinkler
These two types have some differences and similarities between them that we are going to elaborate on in each type in the following
Sprinkler irrigation is a method that which the water flows in the pipes with very high pressure
The pumped water in the pipes finally comes out of the nozzles or sprinklers and its distribution in the form of small raindrops on the desired surface
For this reason, this method is called sprinkler irrigation
The sprinkler irrigation can be operated by two fixed and mobile methods
In the mobile method, the sprinklers can be moved according to the desired place and the water pressure in this method is variable from 1 to 10 atmosphere depending on the place and the type of application
The equipment used in these systems includes a main and secondary piping network, sprinkles, couplers, shut-off valve, filter, pumping system, pressure system, and water source
Other functions of this method include the possibility of spreading water in the area under cultivation
In the drip irrigation method, water flows in the pipes with very low pressure
after reaching the desired irrigation points, the water comes out of the drippers
The drip irrigation method is performed only on a fixed basis, and it is not possible to move the irrigation points
The volume of the water drained by the tree, or the plant is about 1 to 10 liters per hour

 Buy and price drip and sprinkler irrigation

Types of Sprinkler Irrigation System

Sprinkler irrigation is one of the types of methods for irrigating agricultural crops in which water is sprayed into the air through a pumping system, and pipes and sprinklers are fallen in on the ground like raindrops
To apply this method, technical information about the components and how to design a system is needed to achieve the irrigation goals set in irrigation planning
It can be said that the main goal is to achieve uniformity of spraying in the sprinkler irrigation system to meet the water needs and irrigation of crops
Sprinkler irrigation is classified into two main groups each one having some subcategories
Classic and traditional sprinkler irrigation systems: the most common models of classical sprinkler irrigation systems are:

Fixed with movable sprinkler

and automatic and modern sprinkler irrigation systems: these methods are very suitable for large and integrated fields
Since this method uses more advanced technologies compared to the classical method, there is a need for more technical knowledge: the most common models of modern sprinkler irrigation systems are:

Wheel move irrigation
Gun sprinklers irrigation
Center pivot irrigation
Linear irrigation

Sprinkler irrigation can be implemented in different areas, but the implementation of this irrigation system in areas with very steep slopes will be difficult, due to pressure drops in the system
Therefore, when designing a sprinklers irrigation system, make sure that the pressure behind the sprinkler must be the same and in the operating pressure, range to achieve uniform spraying throughout the land

 Buy and price drip and sprinkler irrigation

Drip Irrigation vs Sprinkler Efficiency

Determining the efficiency of the drip irrigation system vs sprinkler and evaluating how they work is one of the most important and necessary measures for decision making and decisions related to optimal water use, cultivation pattern, and reduction of irrigation water losses
Water losses from supply to consumption occur in different ways
In other words, in the water consumption cycle, losses in different stages of water transfer, the distribution, and repartition of the farm surface take place in such a way that the nature of its occurrence and the way of managing it are completely different
Therefore, the evaluation of total irrigation efficiency takes place in three different sections including transfer efficiency, distribution efficiency, and water consumption efficiency
The transfer efficiency is the ratio of the transferred water to agricultural units in a specific period to water delivered from a river or other natural water source for the same crop unit in the same period defined
Distribution efficiency is the process of moving water in closed channels or third and fourth-degree canals and directing it to separate filed and farms
The concept of irrigation application efficiency is a part of water transferred to the specific agricultural crop and used by plants

 Buy and price drip and sprinkler irrigation

Combination Sprinkler and Drip Irrigation System

Due to the relatively high initial cost of designing and implementing the system of sprinkler irrigation and drip irrigation, the combination use of both methods can be a good help to increase flexibility in choosing the irrigation method, selecting desired product, and…
Imagine you have a drip irrigation system, but for some reason, you are not satisfied with the irrigation on your farm
The drippers possibly clogged, or you want to fertilize the system through sprinkler irrigation
The solution is to convert the drip irrigation system to a sprinkler and use the sprinkler and drip irrigation system at the same time
Nowadays, due to the importance of irrigation and the lack of water resources, the correct implementation of the irrigation system in all respects can be effective in optimal water consumption
  Certainly, an irrigation system that is not done properly and with the necessary standards will not only help solve the problem of dehydration and water needs of the plant but also will cause a loss of energy and cost
Therefore, by using modern systems such as pressurized irrigation (sprinkler and drip) and other optimal irrigation method, water losses can be prevented to achieve economic growth and sustainable development in all areas of agriculture

 Buy and price drip and sprinkler irrigation

Similarities between Drip and Sprinkler Irrigation

Drip irrigation is a type of micro-irrigation in which water is pumped to the roots of a plant at low pressure through a dropper
There are some similarities and differences between sprinkler irrigation and this method
They are mostly similar in many ways but the main difference between them is the type of pressure used for irrigation
Drip irrigation systems reduce water consumption and increase irrigation efficiency compared to sprinkler irrigation systems
There is also a difference between the sprinkler and drip irrigation in terms of water pressure in the system
So that the sprinkler systems more pressure is needed than in drip irrigation systems
Irrigation is one the most important operation in the production of greenhouse crops that provide the water and fertilizer needed by the plant
Inappropriate irrigation in the agricultural crop often leads to a decrease in product quality
Excessive irrigation causes waterlogging of the root environment which leads to a lack of soil oxygen, lack of water, and nutrient absorption of the root and results in leaf wilting and stopping plant growth
Selecting an appropriate irrigation system and using professionals to consult leads to good and enough irrigation on the farm and decreases water loss in many ways

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