Rice transplanter machine parts | Buy at a cheap price

Rice transplanter machine parts | Buy at a cheap price

The transplanter is one of the mechanized farming tools and equipment that works in growing seedlings of different plants such as rice and has more advantages for the farmers
In the cultivation process, plants are first planted in special areas of the field or in special growing containers, and when the shoots turn into young plants or seedlings, they are transferred to the main planting site
Cultivation is very time consuming and laborious if done manually which is why many farmers who own large plots of land want to increase their efficiency and speed by purchasing a planter
Manual transmission device and machine transmission device are two widely used types of this equipment
The rice planter consists of power supply, gearbox, motor, floats, tires, seedling tray, seedling plate changer, picking fork and small fork cleaner
It is a movable type of rice planter that uses a carpet type nursery and plants the seedlings evenly without damaging them
The depth of planting and the distance from hill to hill can be adjusted
Automatic depth control helps maintain an even planting depth
The machine is fitted with a safety switch mechanism that prevents the planter from breaking against stones in the field
To use, the machine is moved to the field and the mat-type nursery is loaded onto the planter platform
The machine is placed in the cultivation area and used in the pond field
The planting performance of seedlings planted from 2-3 m distance, hill-hill distance, planting depth and number of seedlings per hill is checked
If the cultivation is intact, the machine will be used in normal cultivation operation

 Rice transplanter machine parts | Buy at a cheap price

Rice transplanter machine

The rice transplanter is a special machine that is installed to grow rice seedlings in a paddy field
There are two main types of cedar carriers: the riding type and the walking type
The riding type is motorized and can usually move six rows in one ride
On the other hand, the walking type is manual and can usually move four rows in one turn
The mechanical rice transplanter is a manually-operated machine which transplants rice seedlings in rows with a field capacity of 0
55 ha/day
A seedling mat, cut exactly 20
5 cm wide by 40 cm long, is used with the transplanter
It is easy to operate and maintain
Although rice is grown in regions other than Asia, rice cultivation is mainly used in East, Southeast and South Asia
This is because rice can be grown without planting simply by sowing the seeds in the field, and farmers outside Asia prefer this carefree method at the cost of lower yields
The standard rice transplanter includes:

a seedling tray like a shed roof on which mat type rice nursery is set

seedling tray, which moves the seedling tray like a typewriter cart; And the
Walking type rice transplanter made in Korea
Several forks, picking up seedlings from a carpet-type nursery on a seedling tray and placing the seedlings in the ground as if the seedlings were taken between a person’s fingers

Mechanical farming using rice transplanters requires much less time and labor than manual farming
It increases the approximate area that a person can plant from 700 square meters to 10,000 square meters per day
However, rice transplants are very expensive for almost all smallholder farmers in Asia
Rice conveyors are popular in industrialized countries where labor costs are high, such as South Korea
It is now becoming more common in South Asian countries as well, because labor shortages peaked around the time of organ transplantation
Rice implanters were first developed in Japan in the 1960s, while the first attempts to mechanize rice cultivation date back to the late 19th century

 Rice transplanter machine parts | Buy at a cheap price

Rice transplanter machine parts

The main parts of rice cultivation are: planter wheels Planter wheels, also called pressure wheels, are often made of steel and coated with plastic, and can be used to control soiling and soil compaction at the base of each plant
This improves soil functions and reduces the possibility of seedling damage to the lowest possible level
carburetor mounting machine The carburetor is installed in such a way that air enters the cylinder and after converting the car fuel from liquid to powder, it sends a certain amount of it to the air assembly
device gearbox housing A gearbox is like a frame that holds gearbox components such as shafts and bearings and protects the internal parts by carrying the force they cause
The material for this shell is most often made of unbreakable cast iron
gas tank door The lid must be closed to prevent liquid from entering the container
This issue becomes more important, especially in farmers whose fuel is gasoline and is flammable
planting tray The seedling tray is a greenhouse seed tray where you can grow all kinds of vegetables and summer vegetables such as cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, melons, melons, cabbage and legumes and turn them into seedlings
This is a manual rice transplanter
It’s kind of backwards walking
This rice conveying machine is flexible, simple operation, labor and time saving, ideal for small farmers
It can plant two rows
It can be widely applied for rice cultivation in small fields, especially in mountainous areas

 Rice transplanter machine parts | Buy at a cheap price

Rice transplanter machine functions

The rice transplanter in agriculture is a machine that has many important functions
Rice planters have made rice cultivation much easier for farmers than traditional methods
Not only will planting rice help you complete the planting on deadline, but it will also save you money because you need less work
Rice cultivation is only a one-time investment for farmers
The rice transplanter is a specialized planting machine designed to transport rice seedlings to the paddy field
There are two main types of cedar carriers, i
, riding type and walking type
The riding type is motorized and can usually move six rows in one ride
Used for sowing seeds such as peanuts, corn, sorghum and legumes
Suitable for all 10-12 HP machines
The driver can drive comfortably with the unit when seeding
It is used to grow mat-type rice seedlings
You can change the row spacing and individual seedlings in the same row by making simple adjustments
Rice growers provide excellent work and efficiency because rice growers sow seeds evenly and deeply at a high speed
Thanks to the rice growers, cultivation can be done with very few workers
Although rice growers are widely accepted in countries where there is shortage of workers or wages of workers are very high, farmers use rice planters because they get the job done within the time limit and without human effort
You can control many actions like seedlings per hill, area and depth, etc
There are many domestic and international companies that offer rice planting machines

 Rice transplanter machine parts | Buy at a cheap price

Rice transplanter machine advantages

There are many advantages using a transplanter device in the agricultural industry, including the following: – Farming is a very tiring farm work, and using this machine very effectively reduces the working pressure on workers
– The use of working seedlings speeds up the planting of seedlings, which leads to an increase in the productivity of the product
The working accuracy of mechanical equipment is much higher than that of human work
– When using the labor transfer machine, fewer workers are needed to grow seedlings, which reduces personnel costs
– The depth of planting seedlings is very important and planting seedlings with human effort causes errors in the depth of planting
In the case of using this device, the planting depth is predetermined as the standard and is absolutely uniform for all seedlings
Planting seeds has many advantages, but it is not possible to plant large-scale seeds in the field manually
Therefore, we need to use the planter widely
Because in addition to the difficulty of work and the need for many workers, manual cultivation of seedlings on large farms lacks the necessary accuracy and coordination
Also, planting is not done at the same time, and they do not have the same growth
As a result, crop growth on the farm is inconsistent, affecting operations and productivity

 Rice transplanter machine parts | Buy at a cheap price

With a seedling machine, thousands of seedlings per hour can be planted easily and with great accuracy
Although manual cultivation is practically not possible in this course
Cultivation is carried out using a transmission machine very precisely and evenly
At the beginning of cultivation, the device settings are adjusted according to the needs, which remain unchanged until the end, and cause uniformity in the fields and high accuracy of cultivation
Other advantages of rice transplanters:

It economizes the expensive seeds by sowing them in nursery

Through transplanting, one can very well look after the young tender seedlings growing in small area in the initial growth stage i

During transplanting there is a root pruning in the plants, which give rise to many more short branched roots in the plants and such plants when planted in the field are better able to establish themselves due to the root system in the immediate block of soil that goes with the plant

Shorter time from planting in the field to harvest is taken by following transplanting method

This result in better returns to the growers by selling the produce early in the market and period of crop production can be extended easily

Before transplanting, it is possible to grow plants under unfavourable climate conditions in the form of nursery

More plants of high quality can be produced through transplanting due to proper spacing, selection and protection from insect-pests and diseases

Through transplanting, better yield with more uniform maturity is obtained

It is a safe way to start small seeded crops in heavy soils which crusts badly

The more frequently a given plant is transplanted, the more readily it ensures the removal

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