vegetable transplanter machine price list in November 2023

vegetable transplanter machine price list in November 2023

The experts and designers in the agricultural industry have successfully designed and manufactured a transplanter machine for growing different kinds of vegetable and summer crops hence put forth for sale
This machine perfectly adapts to the type of planting, land, and agricultural conditions in various regions, thanks to its unique planting method, this machine can plant a variety of vegetables and summer crops such as tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, cucumbers, cabbage, and even watermelons, melons, and beets

 vegetable transplanter machine price list in November 2023

  There are more advantages of using this tool like: Labor cost is greatly reduced 2 to 4 times lesser irrigations needed per crop Ability to deliver products 20 to 50 days in advance 7000 seedlings per hour in two rows of agriculture equipment No harm to sensitive plants such as watermelons and melons due to the planting method Ability to adjust the planting distance from 15 to 90 cm
of seedlings in case they should be changed The ability to plant seedlings in more than one row Ability to plant on plastic surface and apply irrigation while planting Ability to adjust planting depth up to 15 cm
Since the equipment is built from the highest quality materials and standard parts such as SKF original bearings, all parts are covered by an at least one-year unconditional replacement warranty
Our distinguishing feature is the utilization of experts and experienced forces to provide after-sales service in a professional manner in the shortest possible time

Used tree planting equipment for sale

The important point to bring to your notice at the very beginning is that the name “tree planting equipment” is another term for the transplanter machine which is available for sale just like all the other equipment and even the used ones are offered throughout the market

 vegetable transplanter machine price list in November 2023

However, our readers can remember our views on used equipment vividly but we want to add another reason behind why we are not in favor of buying used equipment, we all know that during the past few years the prices for agricultural machinery have increased rapidly and considering this price hike, it is not rational or even cost-efficient to buy used equipment and the cost-efficiency being the major reason for people buying used equipment, the second-hand equipment market has dropped drastically hence we put our emphasize more strongly on, not considering used equipment for your purchase
Although, there is another way to behave in an economical manner by knowing your machine and its different replaceable parts so you can change them whenever you need to

Main parts of transplanter machine

This device consists of various components
Depending on the type of implanted device, some of its components differ from each other
But most of the seedlings are very similar in structure and design

 vegetable transplanter machine price list in November 2023

Stay with us for a brief overview of the most important components of the device
Planter Wheels: Most transplanters have suppressor wheels which are made of steel and have plastic covers
These wheels control the amount of soil compaction
This causes minimal damage to the plant
Seedling tray: These trays are used for growing seedlings
Most graft trays are made of Styrofoam, polyethylene, polystyrene, and polypropylene
Gasoline door opener: In gasoline-powered plants, the fuel tank has two inner and outer caps
The inner cover is made of plastic to prevent fuel leakage
The exterior door is made from the body of the device, which prevents the theft of fuel from the machine
Transplanter Carburetor: One of the important parts of the transplanter is the carburetor of the device
It works after the device converts fuel from liquid to powder, the carburetor sends some of it into the air manifold
Gearbox housing: The housing protects the transmission components
It is made of cast iron and does not break easily

Cabbage transplanter for sale

A cabbage seedling is a small plant that initially grows in a controlled environment such as a greenhouse
This plant is transferred to the ground manually
In fact, a transplanter sows the seeds in the ground, which implies transplanting: the act of transferring small plants into the ground
It is important to note that the cabbage transplanter is available for sale depending on the region
Transplanting uses less water and protects plants from pests and diseases

 vegetable transplanter machine price list in November 2023

Production time is reduced, and products are made ahead of time
In this manner, the factory produces several products during a season
Therefore, one of the most important benefits of transplanting is the saving of water and nutrients for plant growth, increased yield, and higher income
The cabbage transplanting is done in three ways
The first method is the greenhouse
This method uses aluminum rails and is the most successful method of implantation
The second method is with row coverings and a heated bed
In fact, in this method, plastic nylon is used as the tunnel covering the substrate
The third method is planting in open ground
Farmers and gardeners can choose any of these methods depending on the different growing conditions and the space they have

Planting machine for sale

A planting machine or a transplanter has different models offered for sale, the most important of which are mechanical and manual transplanters
Machine transplanter: It is installed for enabling the farmer to install the machine and carry out the planting operation
There are different types of this model from which a two-tier device can be named
This equipment is used for growing pepper and tomato seedlings along with other plants that need intensive care
Deep planting machine: This type of transplant is attached to the tractor
This device is used for pulses such as peas and beans
After the equipment it is attached to the field tractor, it can carry out large-scale seedling planting operations
Transplanter: The device is mainly used for growing plant seedlings with two growth stages
Manual transplanter: One of the common examples of a transplanter is its manual sample
In fact, a manual machine is a type of walking machine
It looks like a sack wrapped in a drawstring

 vegetable transplanter machine price list in November 2023

In this way, the farmer puts the seedlings in the pipe and uses the rest of the machine to hold the seedlings in the ground, which is inexpensive, easy to transport, and has many fans
There are two common manual transplanters: Two-row transplanter and six-row transplanter

What are the benefits of a planting machine?

Using this equipment can speed up work and save farmers’ time
Labor costs are reduced, and the operation is more efficient and standardized
On the other hand, water consumption is reduced
Farmers and greenhouse owners benefit from much lower planting costs and higher profits

The most widely used transplanters

This machine can be used for the planting of seedlings and cuttings such as tomatoes, eggplants, beans, peas and other beans
One of the most important applications of this machine is for growing rice and is known as a rice transplanter
Because planting rice seedlings is more difficult than other seedlings, it should be used in rows and regularly
So this device can handle it just fine
Mechanization of rice seedling raising increases the profit and quality of the product

Disadvantages of traditional transplanting

In conventional or manual transplanting, besides serious reduction in the speed and accuracy of work due to fatigue, it also imposes high costs on farmers
Therefore, for large areas of arable land, it is not profitable at all
Moreover, it is difficult to work and employ a lot of manpower and this method does not have the necessary accuracy either

 vegetable transplanter machine price list in November 2023

Planting is not synchronized, and you will not even witness growth
Therefore, this way of planting has negative effects on harvesting operations
Most importantly, planting seedlings by hand can lead to errors in planting depth
However, if a transplanter is used, the seedling depth is standard and equal for all seedlings

Transplanting benefits

Reduces the time, it takes for plants to grow on the farm Production and presentation of mature products at innovative prices, efficient production of seedlings in culture trays and transfer to the farm Strict adherence to plant spacing and planting line planting No need for additional operations in stages such as refinement and work Strengthening plant roots for crop or quality at the transplanting stage Get ahead and get innovative prices Ability to provide suitable environmental conditions during early growth Planting plants in the ground even in harsh weather conditions

Why do we need to transplant?

Vegetables grown from seedlings have a shorter farming season than vegetables cultivated from seeds on farms
Due to this fact, growers use seedlings multiple times during the farming season with the aim of producing early crops, reducing production time, and harvesting crops multiple times
Seedling production in a controlled environment has the advantage of being immune to environmental stressors, pathogens, and diseases
Operating seedlings boosts the efficiency of fertilization and irrigation, also the growth is higher in the early stage
For example, we grow safflower project seedlings in a greenhouse for 40 days before transferring them to the farm
By doing this, water consumption is greatly reduced
Because a lot of water is consumed during the growth and germination process
Seedlings can be harvested faster than those grown from seeds
Agronomists using seedlings can take advantage of the first markets of the season and reduce the time it takes to produce second and third crops in a single growing season
Tips for Buying a Transplanter: To buy the best transplanter, you should pay attention to a few key points
These devices are multi-layered
Row spacing and planting depth in each device are very important points
The speed at which the seedlings are transferred to the soil is also important

 vegetable transplanter machine price list in November 2023

If the equipment has the right speed, it will improve performance and reduce labor costs
On the other hand, paying attention to the efficiency of the planter and the number of seedlings planted per hour is also vital, this efficiency depends on the distribution and the number of cups or holes in the delivery
Buy Transplanter from Us: As mentioned above, transplanters can be used to grow a variety of summer crops, vegetables, and rice
Our company is one of the suppliers of modern agricultural equipment, including transplanters
On our website, you can choose different types of transplanters according to your farmland and consult our experts for further details
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